SERVES 2 - 3


1 Tbsp Olive Oil
½ Shallot, Chopped Fine
1 Garlic Clove, Chopped Fine
½ Cup Mushroom Caps, Sliced Thin
1 Lb Sole Filet
2 Tbsp Dill, Chopped Fine
1/3 Cup Sherry
½ Cup Fish Or Vegetable Stock
Juice Of 1 Lemon
Salt & Pepper


1.      Season Sole Filet With Salt & Pepper.  Heat Pan Over Medium Heat And Add Olive Oil.

2.      When Hot Add Shallots And Garlic And Sauté Until Tender, But Not Brown.

3.      Add Mushrooms And Continue To Cook Until Mushrooms Are Soft And Tender, About 5 Minutes.

4.      Add Lemon Juice And Stir.

5.      Deglaze Pan With Sherry And Cook For About 3 Minutes.

6.      Add Stock And Capers And Cook Slowly For An Additional 2 Minutes.

7.      Add Sole To Pan And Cook For 2-3 Minutes Over Medium Low Heat While Carefully Basting With The Sauce Until Sole Is Cooked.

8.      Remove Sole From Pan.

9.      Add Dill And Butter To Pan And Cook Until Sauce Is Reduced To Desired Consistency.

Spoon Mushroom Sauce Over Sole And Serve Immediately


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