2 Lbs Fresh Squid, Cleaned And Sliced Into Rings With Tentacles
(You May Also Use One Pound Fresh Shrimp)
4 Oz Spanish Chorizo, Small Dice
4 Cloves Garlic, Sliced Very Thin
1/3 C Sherry
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
White Balsamic Vinegar
½ Lemon
Chili Flakes
Salt & Pepper


1.     Clean And Wash Squid, Dry Well And Season With Salt And Pepper

2.     Saute Chorizo In A Bit Of Olive Oil

3.     Add Garlic And Cook For About 1 Minute

4.     Add Squid To Pan And Add A Bit More Olive Oil And Cook For 2 Minutes

5.     Add Sherry, Balsamic Vinegar, And Chili Flakes. Cook For Another 2-3 Minutes Or Until Squid Is Opaque. Season Lightly With Salt & Pepper.

6.     Squeeze Lemon Juice Over  Calamari Just Before Serving.


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